Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I Sense A Pattern

Although he wasn't as consumed with fishing as he is now, my brother is surely describing the fish he almost caught in Rock Creek (aka "The C&L Ambush 10) while I was away in California, imagining myself the star of a John Hughes film, for summer vacation.

It's the same even today.

Although we are different now, he's less interested in impressing his older brother (though no less enthusiastic when he does) and I'm slightly less interested in impressing everyone else (though no less pleased with myself when I do), we still yearn to share our lives in deeper and more meaningful ways.

Happy Birthday Laughter!

Now, look back at the picture. We are in the Portland airport. I've been away to visit our families in Southern California and I'm just returning. The outfit speaks of that pitiful time in adolescence when one cannot see himself in a mirror quite clearly enough to realize his wretched attempts at style. I am wholly impressed with myself. My brother is dying to tell me all the cool owl pellets, beaver lodges and possible forts he found in the 2 acre woods by our house. I'm trying not to be impressed. I have, after all, seen Ferris Bueller's Day Off and he hasn't. Though the more he tells me about it, the more I want to change into camos and let him take me there. Our sister, unfortunately, is not registering on our radar. We don't intend to leave her out, but it's like natural or something y'know? Mom let her go to the airport in dolphin shorts. Dolphin shorts, Mom? Are those geometric mystery shapes on her dolphin shorts, Mom? Sorry sis. It was Mom, not the brothers that did that to you. Fortunately for Mom, she took the picture so I can't mention her denim jumper or crocheted peach and green cottage vest. Dad is having a tough day. Although he was excited to go and get his first born after a month away (he probably took the family to a waffle shop on the way over to the airport), he's not impressed with his son's newfound impression of his favorite girl cousin. Aloofness and snobbery never struck him as endearing qualities. If I don't give him "the joy of being back with the family" that he expected soon, we're gonna skip the trip to the Bonneville Dam to see the sturgeon.

Note the banner behind Isaac's head fortelling his future home away from home.