Monday, January 22, 2007

Especially In That Sunshine

"I stare to gain her stare, and still I'm making no sense.
Raise the curtain. Ease the focus.
Even the naked have their moments."
- Circe's Smile

We had our genius. We had our problems.

I'm not sure if it ever made sense, but we made some interesting music and loved the pretty lights.

We were a rock band. We were Circe's Smile.


GOD will you keep her safe from the thunder storm
When the day is cold, will you keep her warm
When darkness falls, will you please shine her the way
GOD will you let her know that I love her so
When there's no one there, that she's not alone
Just close her eyes and let her know
that my heart is beating with hers.

- Devotion

This woman I love has given me so much. I owe her much more than I can give.

This week I was given the opportunity to serve her as she underwent and recovers from surgery. Though the pain in her body and our heart is great, her smile and strength fills my heart. My joy is full.