Sunday, May 20, 2007

Beautiful Sister, Wonderful Mother

Why would my little sister become anything less than a beautiful mother?

At 10, she was anxious to show us how much she could do and be. At 20, she adored and influenced my own sweet daughter. Now at 30, she is showing herself to be a mother of grace and intuition.

Happy birthday sweet flower. Sister mother.

Sculpted For His Glory

"Alexander - When will you finish Campaspe?
Apelles - Never finish: for always in absolute beauty there is somewhat above art."
- Lyly's Campaspe

At this point in her life I still hold one of the main sculptor roles. One day I will be positioned to sculpt a lot less.

But if I began sculpting more today and more every day after that, I could never make her any more than her creator, the master sculptor, has planned.

My daughter is 12. May God never finish the beautiful work he began in her before the foundations of the world.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

There She Is

There she is.

The God focused Mother I'm privileged to spend my life with. Though she humbly shrinks from the praise I give her, she leads my children with strength and guides them in the truth of God's Word.

May her joy be full this day.

50th post by the way. Not that you were counting.


Like a Rook partner who's ready for bed, my blog has been a boring visit of late.

Please forgive and put The Chindo back among your favorites. I will endeavor to make this a fun destination once again.