Tuesday, December 26, 2006


In our teenage years, my brother and sister and I had trouble looking, well, good on Christmas day. The first attempt was genuine, but the following years, though genuinely bed ruffled, had a little ham in them.

This year I was in a play on Christmas Eve, Babes In Toyland, so I still had make-up on. I look like a little maharaja. Ike's hair is especially poofed. Hey, there's Opie!

Unable to control myself, I kind of messed this one up with a faked sleepy face. But of course, Annie looks as cute as always.

We're together again this year, so perhaps we'll see another Chrisface soon!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

If I Could Give You More

"If I could give you more
I`d fill the house with flowers
Let you sleep for hours
Throw open the windows and unlock the doors
If I could give you more"

You never ask for more. In the quiet of the night you say, "I have everything I want!" Oh I find that hard to believe. There are so many things I wish I could give you that would give you a better life.

"If I could give you more
I`d make the streets safe
For every homeless waif
That wanders alone to a foreign shore
If I could give you more"

Because of all you give to me, I want to give you more every day. Yet still you smile and endure difficult times, a difficult world, and difficult me.

"See that you are sainted
Remain true and pure
So that you never get lost
No matter what you may endure"

Saints and Poets will forever wonder at the gifts given them and insist they are unworthy. They try to give back and it's always a feeble gift compared to the grace they've been given. So I look at the gift of you and with a desire to repay God, I present these simple words: "I Love You"

If only I could print them in the sky for all to see forever.

"If I could give you more
I`d hand the world a phrase
That could not be erased
And tells of a love that`s never been before
Oh, I will give you more"

- If I Could Give You More by Harry Connick Jr.

Happy Dozen Years my love, my desire, my sweet.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Chatsworth Aftermath

It was a tough night last night. The wind was so strong, the house was rocking. I got up this morning and took a walk around the mobile home park to see what happened.

Even now, huge gusts are battering our home and the noise is unnerving. I'm sure it'll be another tough one tonight.